Introducing My New (and First!) e-Course: Busy Writer Bootcamp

Hello, everyone! Break out your party hats because today is a fiesta. The pre-launch has officially begun for Busy Writer Bootcamp, and I can't wait to share it with you. *cue the confetti*

When I decided to create an e-course, I knew I had to tackle the biggest writerly issue I could, the number one topic I hear about on Twitter, through your emails, and through personal experience. 

Finding the time to write. 

Struggling to find the time to write? This brand new e-course will help you maximize your writing time and writer faster stories. For any writer looking to up their writing game! Busy Writer Bootcamp | Blots & Plots

If I went back three years ago and told my college self, "Hey girl, you're gonna graduate, then publish three books in one year," I'm sure I'd be picking my own jaw off the bar floor. (It was college. Of course there was a bar.) 

Through my own writing experience, I was able to create a writing schedule that suited my busy lifestyle, while still increasing my word count daily. 

Will it write your book for you? No. Will it make you a better, more productive writer? Heck yes. 

Busy Writer Bootcamp will train you to overcome your writing fails and start counting your writing wins! Your dream writing life is just a simple, easy-to-use course away. 

You can check out all the info about the course right over here