January Book List | #GoIndie2016

Looking for a few indie books to read this month? Here are a few books I read and/or purchased last month. If you're new to the #GoIndie2016 challenge, read this post first.


This month, I picked up six romance books. I read Someone Else's Fairytale and Level Up, and enjoyed the heck out of them. They were smart, well-written novels that didn't rely heavily on any tropes or cliches. I'm excited to dive into the rest! 


While this isn't my typical genre, I thought it was important to vary the books I read so that I can recommend a bit of everything. Blood & Water was the only one I read so far and you can watch my thoughts in the video at the end of the post. 


I'm super excited about these titles, y'all. I can't get enough of the dystopian/fantasy scene these days, and there are tons of them out there! Arena Mode was one of my favorite reads this past month. It's superhero meets hunger games, and it's fabulous. 

Want to know more? Watch the video below and look out for more books next month! 

*note: there are affiliate links in this post*