February Book List | #GoIndie2016

What indie books have I been reading this month? Glad you asked. See below for a list of books I bought and/or purchased last month. (If you're new to the #GoIndie2016 challenge, read this first.)

Post-Apocalyptic Novels 

I cannot talk enough about my love for the novel Vinyl. This is probably one of the most unique novels I've read in this genre, and I can't wait to read more from Sophia Hanson

Fantasy/Romance Books

I can't help but love the fantasy and romance genres. I want fairies and I want people fallin' in love. Hence, the titles below! I highly recommend Now and Again by Jen Ellision.

At first glance, it's similar to my novel, These Are the Moments, but when you read it, the two novels stand alone. I enjoyed this so much and hope to see more in this genre from Jen. 

Non-Fiction and Suspense 

If you don't know who Chuck Wendig is, then you are missing out, my friend. I pick this book up every week or so to get a good laugh and great advice. I also picked up a suspense novel, Habit, to try and branch out in my reading style. 

There you have it! The books I snagged for my shelf in February. Video to come soon. 

Want to help me find more indie books to read this year? Comment below with suggestions!