How to Storyboard Your Novel on Pinterest

Feeling the inspirational lull? Today, we're going to talk about how to storyboard your novel on Pinterest. As part of our Writerly series, it's important to talk about how to visualize your novel with all of its characters and elements. The more creative you are with it, the more you get out of it. 


Pre-Pinterest, I used inspiration boards to channel my creative energy, which was basically a collage of pictures, colors and accents that made up my novel in image form.

With Pinterest, we have much more flexibility. Much like making a novel soundtrack, it allows you to see your story in a new light. Ready to make your own? Here are a few ideas of which pins to use + pins I used to storyboard my own novel, These Are the Moments:

Character Pins

Having trouble picturing your characters? Pinterest has your back! There are some amazing resources on Pinterest to help you find the picture-perfect images of your characters. For instance, my friend Kristen of She's Novel has great boards specifically for character inspiration.

Setting Pins

Now that we have our characters, we need to set them in a space of their own. Whether they're in a post-apocalyptic world or right there in your backyard, it helps to picture your characters in their natural habitats. Let's bring them to life, okay? To find settings of your own, check out Mandy Wallace's Pinterest page.

Quote Pins

We're writers, so we love the heck out of words. Maybe you need dialogue inspiration. Maybe you need motivation. Maybe you just need words to make you feel something. Whatever the case, it's time to start quote collecting, my friends.

Inspiration Pins

If you're having trouble getting your story started, maybe you need a bit of inspiration. Patterns, florals, whatever evokes emotion in you is fair game! If you're looking for more pins like these, be sure to check out my boards on Pinterest.

Discussion Time: Do you storyboard your novel(s) on Pinterest? What are your favorite ways to spark your inspiration?