Ten Best E-Books for Writers

Best E-Books for Writers
Best E-Books for Writers

Resources, Resources, Resources

A writer's best weapon is his/her resources. As writers, we're called to be jugglers. Not only do we have to put in the writing time, we also have to research the market, keep up with our reading, and do our best to get published. It's an exhausting, exciting, slightly/always chaotic process, but we're writers, and this is what we do. I've found that looking to the greats who have already been there helps in so many ways. Below, you'll find my list of (mostly) free e-books for writers on writing. A few of these are currently saved on my laptop, and I highly recommend them!

Ten Best E-Books for Writers

1. You are a Writer by Jeff Goins

Jeff Goins is about as professional as they come. There are so many great resources that he provides to his readers, and this e-book ranks high among them. This is an ebook for writing first steps.

2. The (nearly) Ultimate Guide to Better Writing by Write to Done

With sections such as "How to Write Like an A-List Blogger" and "It's Time to Finish Your Book," this e-book gives A+ advice on all kinds of writing.

3. Let's Write a Short Story by Joe Bunting 

Joe Bunting, another one of my writer heroes, recognizes that the first step to publishing is short stories in this informative e-book. For a low price, this guide is a must.

4. The Quick Start Guide to Building Your Author Platform by Kimberley Grabas

Your Writer Platform, a blog by Grabas, helps writers create their platform at any point in their writing career, and this e-book provides even more of her poignant tips.

5. Creating Unforgettable Characters by K.M. Weiland

K.M. Weiland can do no wrong. In her free e-book, you can get to know your characters in a more intimate way, creating dimensional and believable heroes.

6. 279 Days to Overnight Success by Chris Guillebeau

I've just recently discovered Chris Guillebeau and fell in love. This e-book is a thorough guide to carving yourself into success. Great read.

7. Smashwords Book Marketing Guide by Mark Coker

Smashwords offers a simple, user-friendly guide on how to market your book in this staple e-book.

8. How to Write a Great Query Letter by Noah Lukeman

Query letters can make or break your future, and with so many articles and books out there on the subject, it can be overwhelming. Here's an e-book straight from a literary agent's mouth, a perfect tool for taking the next step.

9.500 Ways To Be a Better Writer by Chuck Wendig

With articles like "25 Reasons You Won't Finish That Story" and "25 Questions to Ask As You Write," this guide supplies writers with advice on every spectrum of the writing world.

10. What Publishers Want by Greenleaf Book Group

For every writer intending on publishing traditionally, this resource provides a fantastic view of books from the publishing side.