Why You Should Write a Blog Post Series

This is post #12 in a fifteen post series, entitled “15 Days to Writerly Awesome in 2015,” posting on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday of January.

As we come close to the end of January (wait, what?), it's time to do a little reflecting. In the beginning of the year, I started a 15 blog post series for writers, jumpstarting the year of what I like to call "Writerly Awesome." It was my first blog series, and already, I feel like a new and improved blogger.

If you want to write a blog post series, the first step is figuring out what it is you want to talk about. Elephants? Felt pens? How to start a traveling circus? I chose to talk about writerly awesomeness as a way to lay the building blocks for the new year. And now, wh:

More Content = More Practice

In November, I celebrated a year of blogging. My sister, Monica of Bravo for Paleo, has been my biggest influence in this endeavor, guiding me through the crazy complicated world of SEO and keywords. By choosing to write 15 posts in one month — when I typically only write 4 — I challenged myself to improve as both a blog writer and a promoter. Here's what I learned:

  1. Clearer Titles Work Better. Instead of titling my post, "How to Write a First Draft," which is a little vague and generic, I evolved to writing more striking titles like, "Self-Editing for Fiction Writers: How to be Your Own Critic." See? The second title is much clearer than the first, allowing my readers to fully understand what this post entails.
  2. Images Matter. I take my own photos with a DSLR camera, but I am by no means an expert. With more posts, I've been able to play around with pairing fonts, picking colors and font size. Tip: the more pictures you take, the more comfortable you'll become.
  3. Ask Questions. One of my favorite things about this blog is the audience engagement. I love hearing your questions and your suggestions, and this series has helped me to tailor my questions to you. "Discussion Time" is a way to get the conversation started.

Audience Appeal

With this blog series, I've tripled my page views from the last month. Yes, you heard that right. Now, I'm aware that there are several attributing factors besides this series, such as holiday time and my inclusion on the 100 Best Writing Blogs of 2015.

Still, the numbers speak for themselves. I've had more returning readers than ever this month, and the statistics show that they're visiting more than one post each visit.

Accountability Sells

Okay, I admit: I missed about three posts in this series. Why? Time restraint, poor planning, the excuse list goes on and on. Granted, I'm making them up this week, but still. Accountability is the key factor when it comes to blogging. Show up for your friends when you say you're going to, no matter what. (Take my word for it.) Accountability = trust = loyalty. Memorize this formula. Your accountability gains their trust, which in turn, gains their loyalty.

Discussion Time: I'd love your feedback! How has this blog post series helped you? What kinds of posts would you like to see in the future?