Self-Publishing Income Report: Month 3

Hi there and welcome to the Jenny Bravo Books blog! As a first-time author, I’ve decided to track the first three months of my earnings online for you. Enjoy!

self-publishing income report

self-publishing income report

It's reporting time! The August Numbers are in. The polls are closed. {Insert another phrase that deals with money.} Another month of being a published author has come and gone, so here I am, in my sweats, writing a fun post for you.

What's new this month? Well, I've been balancing two projects at once, and it's been. . . interesting. The prequel, Those Were the Days, is fixed and pretty, almost ready to hit the virtual shelves. The TATM mini-book from Simon's perspective is heading to editing next week. So basically, I'm telling you that I wrote stuff and you can read it soon. The end. 

Onward to the numbers!

What I did this month

Started live-streaming

There's a fancy new app called Periscope that allows you to chat on the go with your audience. If haven't joined yet, hop on the bandwagon, my friends. Authors and creative entrepreneurs are sharing amazing content there. For my part, I'm sharing writing tips and novel secrets. Download the app here and follow @blotsandplots.

Chained myself to the keyboard

Again, I found myself in the #TATM tent, writing and editing away. In August, I made a big life change by moving back home to Louisiana, so I've found that I now have extra free time to work, which is awesome! Anyway, books, books, books.

Ran my first book promotion

Technically, this happened in September, but you can read this post about how I sold 43 books in a single day. Go #TeamTATM go!

KDP Book Royalties

Total Book Sales: 7 ebooks

Total KENP Read: 2383 pages

Total Book Royalties: $28.81

This month, a good majority of my book sales came from the KDP Select program: $12.25. Here's a chart of my sales below:

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 1.23.13 PM

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 1.23.13 PM

And here's one of the KENP read:

self-publishing income report

self-publishing income report

Createspace Royalties

Total Book Sales: 3 print books

Total Book Royalties: $8.31

Dear owners of the above three books, thank you for making print books happen. I secretly root for you, my friends.

Total Amount Earned: $37.12

Thoughts on this month

Let's keep the ball going, gems and gents! Now, it's time to focus on promotion. Making new friends. Supporting my self-published besties like Rachel Del and Kristen Kieffer {get her workbook here.} 

Discussion Time: Where are you spending the most time in your writing process? Promoting? Creating new content?