How to Run a Book Sale Successfully

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How to Run A Book Sale Successfully

Let the People Know

If you're planning on running a sale, make sure to let your tribe know. {Don't have a tribe yet? Back up and read this article.} It's not enough to sell to people who already know and love you. So, how do we reach more readers? Ask your friends to share your sale. It's that simple. Because of this, I sold 43 books in a single day. Not too shabby.

Set a Time Limit

I scheduled my sale for 12 hours to encourage people to act now. Also, I didn't want to use too many of my KDP Select days, so that I can use them later on when I had something additional to offer. Like my free novelettes, for instance. When you offer something of value for a limited time, people are quicker to act. 

Be Present During Your Sale

Take advantage of your social media platforms. I posted a photo on Instagram, stayed active on Twitter and hopped on Periscope as well. Keeping my friends on Twitter updated of my sales figures encouraged them to promote more. Remember that it's a team effort, and you need to show up if you expect others to do the same. 

Discussion Time: Have you ever run a sale on your books? What are your successful strategies?